Precisely talking.

What really matters..

Few days back, I completed a course on content writing strategies on a premium digital learning platform. Two broad writing strategies were highlighted- short format, long format. The presenter said, its ok to write long formats, the reader will skim through and pick the relevant parts.

Is it fair to the readers? I find it brutal. A super interesting topic can be dragged to death conveniently. Plus, the author enforces his beliefs & ideas so strongly, that there is hardly any room for pondering/creative conceptualization for the reader. It takes skills to be precise and communicate impactfully.   

Content can’t be like the search of pearls in vast ocean, it has to be like sparkling fresh water. At the very first sight, one should get the essence of the write-up & flow with it smoothly. I am very clearly a believer of crisp and focused writing, talking & possibly reflect in every life transaction. It can save so much energy for all. Plus, there will be possibility for individual contributions.

 The reader must have a privilege to expand on thoughts, theories and have new or different perspectives. With extensive reading material, the reader hardly reflects or innovates. Instead, the reader might simply be convinced or get disinterested.  

To conclude, long formats can be accepted if the topic is too complex or there are too many facts involved, else a precise & capsuled approach can do good to the larger audience.